15 Takeaway from SixFigureblogincome 2015

Well its to the point, Cant Make so long and explain my takeaways. Haha. If user will comments and demand, I will explain and tell all stories. 🙂

  1. Got to know there is an events happening in Gurgaon, Getsetlive.com
  2. Found Ankur and kulwant speech awesome.
  3. Finally thought I should start a blog, Register and hosting with Getsetlive.com
  4. I learned how to drive a car.
  5. Start Reading books, best way to get your motivation high.
  6. Credit card payment has been done, rest 70000, still pending for my personal loans.
  7. Met one of my brother, after 8 years, Vaibhav kakkar. This was one of the greatest happiest thing happened in this year.
  8. Learning some networking skills
  9. Forgive, Forget, Take a lesson and move on.
  10. Its been my ritual to turn off my phone (7 months) and stay focused.
  11. Got to know skilled labor is not cheap and cheap labor is not skilled. Still working on my outsourcing blueprint.
  12. Our 5th startup has been failed. Instead of managing employee, I was working myself. Lack of funds put us lot of pressure for wrong way of hiring.
  13. Always work with Deadlines, if project is not completing on timeframe you expected. Understand one thing. your business is not high risk and stake. RAMPAGE the floor.
  14. Somehow I am undisciplined, irresponsible, lacked self control on Being on social media and NOT to work what I believe. In 2016, I am doing all opposite, going to believe in myself, work on it and achieve the desire results.
  15. Take care of your health & soul & everything will be just fine.

Enough to become a #shy #procrastinator for #2015 lets be #creators #courageous #outspoken #entrepreneur #motivator #mastermind #Goals2016


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