About Me

Hello, My Name is Sagbee C. I am fitness lover, Manga Reader, Game lover and a Affiliate Marketer.

I start blogging August 2015 when I noticed many bloggers who are getting lost somewhere, losing money, time and faith on blogging. Who just need little hard push and proper plan. Due to excessive calls and email to sort out their problems. I decide to start this blog, where I can share my personal experience and allow anyone who wants to do better chance to learn from my experiments.

While I am starting this blog:

Everything is HARD.
Everything cost a lot of MONEY.
Everything always BROKE, and no one here around to fix it.

Scary times…but fun too! Now since am NOT into my comfort zone, I can understand the pain of Exbloggers and for startup guys.

Here I am going to write my experince as how I am going to make money online & offline. Whatever I have to reach six figure anyhow ūüėČ I will share what & which technique, tricks makes money online. From Blogging, Affiliates, PPC, email marketing, youtube to webinar to all other methods. Mostly Internet marketer won‚Äôt tell how much time & amount they would have invested. I am going to share with you. So you can take wise decision according to your budget.

My hope is that by sharing my experince, I can help you to take wise decision to reshape your carrer.

This website will mainly write on these things:

Experince: My All personal experince to make money online or offline.
Fitness: Take care of my body & how you can do.
Life: How we can live life with full of joy.

Thank you for reading this, I hope to see you around more often.


What is the¬†definition¬†of “sagbee” name..

Sagbee means Success. My parents Call¬†me “Subhash” and I changed it when I was 17 year kid, I used it when I joined @ SEO guy¬†forums.