After 10+ Years what Pushed me to do blogging

I had a blog, it was on funny picture niche. I had a beautiful traffic and so many authority links. But wasn’t aware how to monetize blog traffic. Adsense earning was so low. Nobody was there to teach me, and my english as usual was suck.

So why now?

1) It was because of my two lil brothers to whom always push and tell them riddles about how to make money online. They started but left… and it was kinda challenged me.

2) I help so many new bloggers. So they use to tell me, if I start blogging, then I will rock on stage.

3) I clearly find the vision and reason to start earning and teaching other through my blog & from my experience .

4) I want to achieve so many dreams which were stuck because of day job. I am sick of it now.

5) I learned so many things since from past 5 years ( so many failed business + gains many lessons ) So its time to teach newcomer not to put their career in wrong path.



Start My career from link builder to digital marketing and turning myself to best Affiliate marketer.

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