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15 Takeaway from SixFigureblogincome 2015

Well its to the point, Cant Make so long and explain my takeaways. Haha. If user will comments and demand, I will explain and tell all stories. 🙂

  1. Got to know there is an events happening in Gurgaon,
  2. Found Ankur and kulwant speech awesome.
  3. Finally thought I should start a blog, Register and hosting with
  4. I learned how to drive a car.
  5. Start Reading books, best way to get your motivation high.
  6. Credit card payment has been done, rest 70000, still pending for my personal loans.
  7. Met one of my brother, after 8 years, Vaibhav kakkar. This was one of the greatest happiest thing happened in this year.
  8. Learning some networking skills
  9. Forgive, Forget, Take a lesson and move on.
  10. Its been my ritual to turn off my phone (7 months) and stay focused.
  11. Got to know skilled labor is not cheap and cheap labor is not skilled. Still working on my outsourcing blueprint.
  12. Our 5th startup has been failed. Instead of managing employee, I was working myself. Lack of funds put us lot of pressure for wrong way of hiring.
  13. Always work with Deadlines, if project is not completing on timeframe you expected. Understand one thing. your business is not high risk and stake. RAMPAGE the floor.
  14. Somehow I am undisciplined, irresponsible, lacked self control on Being on social media and NOT to work what I believe. In 2016, I am doing all opposite, going to believe in myself, work on it and achieve the desire results.
  15. Take care of your health & soul & everything will be just fine.

Enough to become a #shy #procrastinator for #2015 lets be #creators #courageous #outspoken #entrepreneur #motivator #mastermind #Goals2016

My Honest feelings about my goals and lessons for my readers.

Recently I tried to change my rituals to achieve six figure income. Obviously without sound body you cant achieve any results. I started wake up early in the morning, having lemon water along with my daily goals. Few days, I was feeling better. But Due to excessive debts and trying to achieve all the GOALS put me again on stress mode.

Felt like, why I am doing these things? what will happen, are you making money by doing this? and I went back again to normal disaster full routine.

Few days back, I get motivated again. I found there is only one way to become rich by taking action with proper discipline way. Yes discipline must be there, but I am kind of those people who can not bear rules for so many days and years. So I found a solution… it is “Qi time”. Its a way to complete your sleeping hours by taking a “powernap” in a day time while boosting your productivity at night and getting up early in the morning. Now i remember Alex Becker, owner of source was doing the same thing.ALl Famous Failures

Another thing I noted, Making changing in yourself at a instant will cause you more stress, so better way to change the habits one by one. Eg: I am habitual now, having a multivitamins for the sake of my own health. Now I dont afraid anymore to take medicine. Recently I start having a lemon water at a morning time, which made my stomach more stronger. During a day, I almost stopped tea and start taking only Green tea, which boost my antioxidant not sugar level.

Another thing, I felt I am not being try to honest with myself. I know I should do “Excel your life” homework always. Which I avoid, cause I see so many failures attempt which put me down. To be frank, if some robots analysis me and give my report, I can do something about it. But to re-analyze yourself and do all the necessary change to become a Rich jerk is a very difficult task ever in the world.

What is giveaway to my readers?

1) Discipline is must in your life, now its up to you how and where you disciplined? Disciplined on procrastination or with lazy life, or doing nothing. OR disciplined which changes in your life and others too.
2) Don’t do multitasking.
3) If 12 things in there in your list which you want to change? Start with 1 only, get a 21 days habits without any break and that will become your habit.
4) Stop try to being perfectionist, nobody become master within a day. Start grinding your skills.
5) Start your day with your Goals on excel sheet and follow it properly. If something comes up urgently, put that over there.

Why 99% become fail and only 1% become rich jerk while all we have 24 hours only?

Its because,

  1. Lack of clarity what we need and what we desire
  2. Lack of discipline in execution
  3. Compromise on small steps
  4. Working with old mindset
  5. Lack of communication
  6. Slow response
  7. Lack of accountability

Now one more important thing I would need to share, IF YOU think you crossed your age and cannot do above things except surviving in the world, you are thinking way to wrong. We all have some purpose, and all have different races. Some people achieve success at the age 40+, some become prime minister at the age of 65. Just try to speak yourself only and ask the sake of yourself, for your family, for your daughters, son don’t you want the change? Don’t you want to become a Better person? 🙂

My October Goals

Got a Motivation 🙂 Feeling challenged!! So I decide to make it quick my october goals.

  1. I got a Facebook addiction, going to make limit for 15 minute only. I will check few groups and will reply there. But I noticed few things lately, I become a little more popular since my answer usually come fast. Which Motivated me to help others in our secret group.
  2. Tonight I will again start working a “life Excel sheet”, “Office excel sheet” and GOING to follow it.
  3. I will Take 8 hours Sleep anyhow. I am doing this since from last 3 months, But On weekend I am not able to follow it. Sometime feel, why RULES? haha
  4. I will do Tabata Exercise daily. I got a Great result for
  5. I will take 3 Multivitamins weekly. ( I am taking it since from 8 months and it shows me great results. )
  6. I will make my daily Goals.
  7. I will Test the CPC Platform. ( Already made a Proper strategy and blueprint )
  8. I will complete and launch my “Blogging  for money” ebook.
  9. I will follow Action Machine for “Office playground”
  10. I have to make sales on jvzoo account, sound like a bit challenge for me.

Why I have to stop Blogging now

The answer is simple. I found few of things, which made me realize for my life, to achieve my goals. I have to adapt few habits. And for that I have to “focus” on that.  So for next month, the way I programmed myself to do wild blogging. I am stopping. I will adjust my formula.

haha… before I was thinking I will get success easily.. but not anymore… 😉success-look-alike


Thought… If I will write on wonderful topics with full scientific method. I will get start attract traffics and will get start selling. Somehow while I was making a blueprint, I found blueprint looks great, but WE human, somehow won’t be able to follow those successful blueprints. If we ask the reason, we actually don’t know but we try to give so many excuses. Well, all my mentors said, its not easy to get a Good Habits, but you have to do it… no matter what.

As Stephen Covey says, “If I have 8 hours to cut down a tree, I will spend the first 7 hours sharpening the ax.” Invest in your preparation, so you can be highly productive.

But as human being, we all tried, get failed. Found uneasy and ask ourself… how it’s related with my goal. How I will make money while getting a new habits?

So What I am Going To do?

So my first Goal would be Adapt the “early rise” habit. I plan to wake up 5 Am daily in the morning.

I will simply to reach my goal…

  1. Wake up 5:00 Am In the morning.
  2. Do 30 minute exercise
  3. Do 10 minute Breathing meditation
  4. 10 minute shower
  5. Ask Question yourself
  6. Get Anti-oxidant breakfast
  7. Make To Do list daily.
  8. Relationship note

Since from last month, I have been trying to do. But its not so easy… Most of the time, weekend parties kills my this rituals. If I wake up late at night obviously can’t get up early in the morning.

So What is the Difference from now onwards?

I have a strategy…

  1. No More parties
  2. Join “Raahgiri” @ each sunday.
  3. Commitment to MYSELF. { no more excuse }
  4. No matter what, wherever I will be. I will sleep at correct timing.

So Guys, Wish me luck. I will share my experience after 15 days. 🙂

Solid Plan to Achieve 6 Figure Income! My Worksheet & Goals…

Guys, Purchasing domain name, buying hosting with high motivation that if others are doing it, I CAN DO IT TOO… Its just I need to create a random post and people will get inspire, do believe and start purchasing the products that we recommended. You must be thinking right now its look So EASYYY. No Its not.

To be able to success you must have a Dedication, Focus, hard work, health and a very important recipe “A Success MasterPlan”. A Plan where you eliminate all small error. A plan where you identify your power and weakness. To cover your weakness, either you can take help or hire the people. Thats where we all need a plan…

I have been trying to identify 

  • How to Create a 12 Ebooks, by myself.
  • How to create a blueprint for Ebooks, Blogposts, Video post, Audio post.
  • How to research to get right topics for your blog to get min. 40 subscribers per post.
  • Homework: Content Marketing Strategy, calendar, worksheet, templates…
  • Where to hire best writer to eliminate my grammar error?
  • How to make a video by myself. What tools I need to learn?
  • How to make a transcript for video and audio?
  • What Is my Target Audience?
  • What Types of content I would need for my blog?
  • How many Marketing channels I will use it?
  • How to create a best sales funnels?  Comparison with best lead software websites.
  • Which CRM you should buy it, why should you buy it?
  • Which Email Marketing software I should choose? Aweber, getresponse or mailchimp?
  • Blueprint for Successful “Autoresponder series”
  • Before It all start, how to keep yourself healthy, organize your day & night and keep happy & focus.







Day 9 ~ Thinking of Best WordPress theme for blogging

Phew… its not easy.. its not easy to find the Best wordpress theme for blogging. There were many factors when I was thinking about getting a blog design for SixfigureBlogIncome.

I saw alot of affiliates wordpress theme, blogging theme… Couple of things I noticed.

1) Be Simple, everyone would like to read your stories, experienced. So no fancy stuff.

2) Some of em best marketer using Genesis theme. But they are Custom made theme. They hired Professional web developer later, as when They wanted to show their blog a little better then others newbies.

3) Without wasting so much time, I think I should Focus on blogging and sharing my thoughts. 😀

Yooosssh!! I decide, I will keep with Themify Themes. Since I am using their themes from so long, so I know a inner and out of their technology.

After 10+ Years what Pushed me to do blogging

I had a blog, it was on funny picture niche. I had a beautiful traffic and so many authority links. But wasn’t aware how to monetize blog traffic. Adsense earning was so low. Nobody was there to teach me, and my english as usual was suck.

So why now?

1) It was because of my two lil brothers to whom always push and tell them riddles about how to make money online. They started but left… and it was kinda challenged me.

2) I help so many new bloggers. So they use to tell me, if I start blogging, then I will rock on stage.

3) I clearly find the vision and reason to start earning and teaching other through my blog & from my experience .

4) I want to achieve so many dreams which were stuck because of day job. I am sick of it now.

5) I learned so many things since from past 5 years ( so many failed business + gains many lessons ) So its time to teach newcomer not to put their career in wrong path.