Day 9 ~ Thinking of Best WordPress theme for blogging

Phew… its not easy.. its not easy to find the Best wordpress theme for blogging. There were many factors when I was thinking about getting a blog design for SixfigureBlogIncome.

I saw alot of affiliates wordpress theme, blogging theme… Couple of things I noticed.

1) Be Simple, everyone would like to read your stories, experienced. So no fancy stuff.

2) Some of em best marketer using Genesis theme. But they are Custom made theme. They hired Professional web developer later, as when They wanted to show their blog a little better then others newbies.

3) Without wasting so much time, I think I should Focus on blogging and sharing my thoughts. 😀

Yooosssh!! I decide, I will keep with Themify Themes. Since I am using their themes from so long, so I know a inner and out of their technology.


Start My career from link builder to digital marketing and turning myself to best Affiliate marketer.

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