Its been 50 days almost, what I did so far?

I couldn’t focus on my blogging career because of this and that. There are hundred of excuse to blame everyone but I am not going to brag about it too much. What I have done so far since from last 50 days, am putting it over here.

To be short:

  1. Looking for Jv Partner
  2. Looking for VC
  3. Looking for VA
  4. Created a Strategy for blogging
  5. Been active in Facebook, Twitter & Quora
  6. Signup on approx 14 Programs
  7. Finished 3 pending project.
  8. Called 14 vendors for Ecommerce shop
  9. Missed Wedding Events
  10. Read Two Books ( 10x Rule, The Obstacle is the way )
  11. Watched 6 movies
  12. Strategy for PBN
  13. Generate 5 Best niche out for 1000 keywords.
  14. Stop Watching #bigboss
  15. Lots of Ebooks and Actionplan
  16. Idea for Web Game concept. Found INDIAN company are not good for gaming…
  17. Idea for APPS and webapps, contacted with two company and 6k-7k budget. So dropping the idea.

Its not easy to do your Day JOB and do your things.  Its probably one of my life big decision to quit my day job, and start doing what my heart and mind is telling too. I believe I can make money where I do not rely upon my team. Instead of training and expecting the job to be done nicely, better to do by yourself alone OR do with your JV partner.


Start My career from link builder to digital marketing and turning myself to best Affiliate marketer.

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MC Simon - July 30, 2016 Reply

Interesting list, Sagbee.
Just been curious… did you already quit your job? Indeed, it’s not easy to handle a day job and an online business. I have my content writing biz, which gives me enough incomes, but I still didn’t quit my daily engineering job. What did you finally decide?

    sagbee - August 7, 2016 Reply

    Yes, I quit my job at Jan 2016 and get back to my home town. Yes its not easy to start online business. I still had some loans from HDFC bank, and for that I still doing freelancing job. But It took me almost 6 months, to see what I was before and What I am now…

    Soon I am going to release my experience about starting a online business with under budget. Having a few adsense, affiliates and blogging projects already in my Project dashboard. 🙂 Talked about few friends and investors too. Once I start making $100/day. I will start expanding my business.

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