My October Goals

Got a Motivation 🙂 Feeling challenged!! So I decide to make it quick my october goals.

  1. I got a Facebook addiction, going to make limit for 15 minute only. I will check few groups and will reply there. But I noticed few things lately, I become a little more popular since my answer usually come fast. Which Motivated me to help others in our secret group.
  2. Tonight I will again start working a “life Excel sheet”, “Office excel sheet” and GOING to follow it.
  3. I will Take 8 hours Sleep anyhow. I am doing this since from last 3 months, But On weekend I am not able to follow it. Sometime feel, why RULES? haha
  4. I will do Tabata Exercise daily. I got a Great result for
  5. I will take 3 Multivitamins weekly. ( I am taking it since from 8 months and it shows me great results. )
  6. I will make my daily Goals.
  7. I will Test the CPC Platform. ( Already made a Proper strategy and blueprint )
  8. I will complete and launch my “Blogging  for money” ebook.
  9. I will follow Action Machine for “Office playground”
  10. I have to make sales on jvzoo account, sound like a bit challenge for me.


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