Solid Plan to Achieve 6 Figure Income! My Worksheet & Goals…

Guys, Purchasing domain name, buying hosting with high motivation that if others are doing it, I CAN DO IT TOO… Its just I need to create a random post and people will get inspire, do believe and start purchasing the products that we recommended. You must be thinking right now its look So EASYYY. No Its not.

To be able to success you must have a Dedication, Focus, hard work, health and a very important recipe “A Success MasterPlan”. A Plan where you eliminate all small error. A plan where you identify your power and weakness. To cover your weakness, either you can take help or hire the people. Thats where we all need a plan…

I have been trying to identify 

  • How to Create a 12 Ebooks, by myself.
  • How to create a blueprint for Ebooks, Blogposts, Video post, Audio post.
  • How to research to get right topics for your blog to get min. 40 subscribers per post.
  • Homework: Content Marketing Strategy, calendar, worksheet, templates…
  • Where to hire best writer to eliminate my grammar error?
  • How to make a video by myself. What tools I need to learn?
  • How to make a transcript for video and audio?
  • What Is my Target Audience?
  • What Types of content I would need for my blog?
  • How many Marketing channels I will use it?
  • How to create a best sales funnels?  Comparison with best lead software websites.
  • Which CRM you should buy it, why should you buy it?
  • Which Email Marketing software I should choose? Aweber, getresponse or mailchimp?
  • Blueprint for Successful “Autoresponder series”
  • Before It all start, how to keep yourself healthy, organize your day & night and keep happy & focus.








Start My career from link builder to digital marketing and turning myself to best Affiliate marketer.

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