Why I have to stop Blogging now

The answer is simple. I found few of things, which made me realize for my life, to achieve my goals. I have to adapt few habits. And for that I have to “focus” on that.  So for next month, the way I programmed myself to do wild blogging. I am stopping. I will adjust my formula.

haha… before I was thinking I will get success easily.. but not anymore… 😉success-look-alike


Thought… If I will write on wonderful topics with full scientific method. I will get start attract traffics and will get start selling. Somehow while I was making a blueprint, I found blueprint looks great, but WE human, somehow won’t be able to follow those successful blueprints. If we ask the reason, we actually don’t know but we try to give so many excuses. Well, all my mentors said, its not easy to get a Good Habits, but you have to do it… no matter what.

As Stephen Covey says, “If I have 8 hours to cut down a tree, I will spend the first 7 hours sharpening the ax.” Invest in your preparation, so you can be highly productive.

But as human being, we all tried, get failed. Found uneasy and ask ourself… how it’s related with my goal. How I will make money while getting a new habits?

So What I am Going To do?

So my first Goal would be Adapt the “early rise” habit. I plan to wake up 5 Am daily in the morning.

I will simply to reach my goal…

  1. Wake up 5:00 Am In the morning.
  2. Do 30 minute exercise
  3. Do 10 minute Breathing meditation
  4. 10 minute shower
  5. Ask Question yourself
  6. Get Anti-oxidant breakfast
  7. Make To Do list daily.
  8. Relationship note

Since from last month, I have been trying to do. But its not so easy… Most of the time, weekend parties kills my this rituals. If I wake up late at night obviously can’t get up early in the morning.

So What is the Difference from now onwards?

I have a strategy…

  1. No More parties
  2. Join “Raahgiri” @ each sunday.
  3. Commitment to MYSELF. { no more excuse }
  4. No matter what, wherever I will be. I will sleep at correct timing.

So Guys, Wish me luck. I will share my experience after 15 days. 🙂


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